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Contact Unique Products. Combined of Some of SA's most Loved Handmade items. At Rinkatinktink we also strive to have Educational products of high quality

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When Max Pepper wears her glasses, no-one seems to notice her. Being the daughter of a weird mom and an absent dad, this suits her just fine. She likes to disappear and be left alone to make her lists...

When the famous athlete, Red Rocket, loses his pet mascot, a white rat named Smarty, the whole town is up in arms. Everyone is a suspect, but as usual the local cop, Shaun, is of little use. Max and Willburt decide to follow Smarty's trail. It leads in the direction of a local scientist and a snake handler.


Max is not too keen on the idea of going anywhere near a snake-infested flat, but she does not seem to have much of a choice. Time is running out.

Max Pepper : Book Two