The fireman is ready to go and extinguish any fire that breaks out in town. On his chair he looks closely at all the emergency calls. A fire broke out in a building downtown. Without hesitation he gets on the wheel of the firetruck and leaves at full speed to stop the fire. The firetruck is equipped with a fire extinguisher, a water tank and a hose. The yellow wheels turn easily for the fireman to get to the fire quickly.

Protected by his orange helmet he stops the fire. Everybody is applauding him because of his courage. When not on a mission the firetruck can transform in a unit for emergency situations. The “Firetruck” construction set is part of the Sluban Town collection but is compatible with other leading brands. Encourages stacking skills in young children, develop your child’s logical thinking ability.

– 74 pieces
– Weight: 0.2kg
– Number of characters: 1
– Difficult: Easy

Fire engine Lego